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Red Lotus Yoga

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1900 South Livernois Road Suite A
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: 248-601-9642

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Monday8 - 115 - 9
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Friday8 - 115:30-7:00
Sunday9 - 12
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Corporate Yoga

Bring yoga to your workplace to help your employees relieve stress and prevent injury. Having happy, healthy employees increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

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— Red Lotus Yoga will provide an RYT 200 certified teacher at your place of business to teach.

— We will bring yoga mats and music so there is no investment on your part.

— We suggest having an initial introduction to yoga class and asking your employees to make a six week commitment. After the six weeks, if it is deemed a success, class will continue on a weekly basis.

— Yoga classes are designed for all fitness and experience levels… beginners through advanced.

— Classes usually last 60 minutes and can take place early morning, during lunch or after work.

— Red Lotus Yoga will bill you on a monthly basis. Our corporate rate is $100.00 for the teacher to come out. If there are more than 10 students we will charge a per head fee of $10.00 per student. Red Lotus Yoga will pay the teacher and handle all payroll matters.

— Your company will need to provide a quiet space with as little distraction as possible. A conference/meeting room is often a good location so long as the tables and chairs can be moved aside for class.

Contact Brian Granader, owner of Red Lotus Yoga to arrange further details.
248-376-1239 or email Brian Granader, ERYT 200
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Written by Jenny Scherer, yogini and professional runner, 2013: Wow, congratulations on RLY’s 10 year anniversary! That is wonderful. Although I now live in Minneapolis, I miss your classes and welcoming atmosphere often and hope to make it back sometime. I moved to Michigan straight out of college to join the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, train with Olympic aspirations and live the life of a professional runner. I soon found I was in over my head — overtrained and living an unbalanced lifestyle. I got injured, and I was faced with not being able to run for several months, which was, of course, a foreign concept for me. That is when I decided to come to RLY and give yoga a try for the first time. I was immediately welcomed by your studio and staff. Finding yoga has been instrumental in helping me relax and actually listen to my body. It has honestly changed my life. Yoga helped me recognize I can’t just keep plowing through life, that I need to embrace every day as well as be tuned in to what my body is telling me at any given time, on any given day. Although I have not yet found a studio that matches my love for RLY here in the Twin Cities, I do still practice yoga twice a week, run a little less, and relax a little more. My life is so much more balanced and fulfilled thanks to finding yoga! I am SO thankful to all of you at RLY who were so welcoming to this naive runner girl — always patient with my tight hips and, at the beginning, my tendency to speed through flows without following my breath. If I hadn’t had such a positive experience at RLY, I don’t think I would have stuck with yoga — because it’s a lot different from competitive running; it’s hard in an entirely different way. In fact, I know plenty of runners who knock yoga, and I think it’s because it is a different kind of hard. I embrace that challenge and that every time I step on my mat I’ll experience something new and different. I love it. Yoga will truly be a part of my life forevermore! Thank you, Brian, for helping transform my life!

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30 days for $30 of Unlimited Yoga!

New and Local Students Only.

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Our Classes We strive to provide a variety of classes and workshops to promote personal growth and healing. Learn more about our classes. Class Schedule We strive to provide a variety of classes at times that fit your schedule. We offer classes at both our Rochester and Troy locations. Our Online Store Our studio allows the ultimate yoga experience. Enjoy a space that allows you to get a full mind.


About Teacher Training

From my first to my last day, your program continuously expanded my mind and capabilities. It fostered my independent learning and provided a supportive community for growth. Thank you for taking the time and energy to share your knowledge, sending more conscious people into the world. I am excited for this next step in life-long learning of yoga and of life.


               About the studio 

My home yoga studio, warm, inviting,  challenging when you need it. Brings peace to my life.

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  • 1900 South Livernois Road Suite A Rochester Hills, MI 48307
  • 248-601-9642
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