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Claire Harig

Claire studied Myomassology & Energy Work at Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan. Having worked with a local chiropractor, Claire also sees clients at Red Lotus Yoga. Claire brings a wide array of knowledge to her practice, specializing in deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology, Reiki and more. Skillfully blending her therapeutic ability with natural intuition, Claire believes that massage therapy is an essential component to our body, mind and spirit balance. She has an innate ability to tailor every massage to her clients’ individual needs. Her work encompasses cranial sacral, Thai stretches, foot reflexology & hot rocks into each session.

Claire is available 7 days a week. Pre-booking is required.
10am–*pm. She can be contacted directly at 248-909-8873.
Find Claire on facebook at “Claire Harig, CMT.”

Jill Massura
Certified Massage Therapist

Jill Massura, C.M.T. is the founder of Balanced Health Massage and Bodywork.  She is a gifted bodywork therapist who is driven by her passion to share the power of  the mind-body-spirit connection with each client.  Jill is a graduate of the highly renowned Irene’s Myomassology Institue in Southfield, MI.  She has gained additional certifications in a wide variety of bodywork modalities.  Through this unique and powerful combination of training and experience, she helps her clients achieve optimal life-balance through wellness.

Please call Jill at 248-821-8522 to schedule an appointment.

Patricia Krause
National Certification for Therapeutic
Massage & Bodywork

Patricia has been working in the field of massage since 2003, graduating from Irene’s Myomassology Institute. Keeping up with the highest standards in her field, she is NCBTMB board certified and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  She has worked most recently for a local surgeon and previously for a wellness spa.  Incorporating many different modalities, Patricia works from a base of Swedish massage and includes elements of deep tissue, reflexology, trigger point and shiatsu.  Each client’s massage is customized to meet their personal body needs.  She gives your body what it needs to be healthy and whole. Be prepared to feel strong, flexible and relaxed.

Patricia is available 7 days a week.
Contact her directly at 248-396-2455 (feel free to text her)
Email: pakrause09@yahoo.com or find her on Facebook (Patricia Padovini Krause)

Ineta Grabovska
CMT (Certified Massage Therapist)

Ineta, studied Therapeutic Massage and Reiki at Irene’s Myomassology institute at Southfield, MI. She has experience working for Chiropractors, Fitness club and Spa parties. Ineta specializes in Deep tissue massage, Myofascial release and Trigger point therapy. Her certifications also include Sports massage, Hot rock massage, Wrist and arm pain, Reflexology and more. Ineta has a natural instinct in knowing what each individual needs. Skillfully blending modalities for her clients optimal relief and healing.

Ineta is available by appointment.
To schedule call 248-787-8557

Rory McPherson
Reiki Master

Rory Mcpherson is a Reiki Master who has been practicing since 2002. He has studied under the guidance of his teachers, Sharon Baker, Jenna Lee and William lee rand. He has attained master/teacher certification in a variety of Reiki methods including traditional usui, shambala and holy fire.
Rory has found success in helping heal both physical and emotional pain with his practice. He has seen positive results in treating physical ailments such as joint pain, dental discomfort and surgical recovery. He has found Reiki provides a calming, soothing effect to those suffering from anxiety, grief and stress-related emotions.

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About Teacher Training

From my first to my last day, your program continuously expanded my mind and capabilities. It fostered my independent learning and provided a supportive community for growth. Thank you for taking the time and energy to share your knowledge, sending more conscious people into the world. I am excited for this next step in life-long learning of yoga and of life.


               About the studio 

My home yoga studio, warm, inviting,  challenging when you need it. Brings peace to my life.

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