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Karma: What is it, and how does it work?

Most people think of Karma as “what comes around goes around.”

Well, it’s a bit different than that.
     Karma are seeds you plant in your mind that force you to see your world the way you do.
     As an example, lets say you grew up in a home where talking loud and fast at the dinner table with people grabbing for food was the norm.  And you go over to someone’s home for a meal and they are quiet and subdued, with little talking or gesturing….you’d probably think something was wrong, because it would not seem normal to you.  You had seeds planted in your mind of what a normal meal looks like, and this would not be it.  On the flip side, if someone from that quiet family came over to your home for dinner, they would think everyone was fighting and something was wrong. Although normal to you, it’s not to them…their seeds force them to see it as fighting where as your seeds do not.
     This simple example has a subtext….your dinner experience at home is neither good nor bad.  The dinner of the quiet family is neither good nor bad.  They are empty of any nature of their own…because of the seeds in our mind, we paint a picture on the dinner experience and label it based on the seeds in our mind.
     This same example can be used when we think of the stressers in our lives, the challenges we face and the success we have had.  All of them are empty of any nature of their own.
     The good news is… Since they are not fixed or permanent and are always in change, we have the ability to change how we see our world.
     Your annoying person at work is another’s best friend.
Questions to ask:
What am I seeing in my world?
What seeds did I plant, through action or thought, to force me to see things this way?  If I like it…how do I plant more seeds to create more?
If I don’t like it…what seeds do I need to plant to change it?
You can feel free to e-mail me at brian@redlotusyoga.com to discuss :)
Happy planting!