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Red Lotus Yoga

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1900 South Livernois Road Suite A
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: 248-601-9642

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Monday8 - 115 - 9
Tuesday8 - 115-9
Wednesday8 - 115-9
Thursday8 - 115-9
Friday8 - 115:30-7:00
Sunday9 - 12
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Have you ever imagined what it might be like to teach yoga?

Written by Danielle Ray RYT 200: Immersing yourself in yoga, meditation, and self-reflection for four months sounds like hard work, and it is. Yoga teacher training (or yoga lifestyle) is by no means easy, but it wouldn’t have changed my life if it was. I couldn’t tell you specifically how I have changed or what has changed within me, but I somehow just feel more like me. I now have a fantastic group of fellow yogis who went through training with me who I know will always be there if and when I need them. I have a greater knowledge of self. I have a greater knowledge of all that is yoga. And, I have a cool new “degree.” I decided to do yoga teacher training simply because something inside of me told me it was time; I knew it would be good for me. And chances are, if you’re reading this, yoga teacher training has called out to you, too. Pick up the phone.

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Our Classes We strive to provide a variety of classes and workshops to promote personal growth and healing. Learn more about our classes. Class Schedule We strive to provide a variety of classes at times that fit your schedule. We offer classes at both our Rochester and Troy locations. Our Online Store Our studio allows the ultimate yoga experience. Enjoy a space that allows you to get a full mind.


About Teacher Training

From my first to my last day, your program continuously expanded my mind and capabilities. It fostered my independent learning and provided a supportive community for growth. Thank you for taking the time and energy to share your knowledge, sending more conscious people into the world. I am excited for this next step in life-long learning of yoga and of life.


               About the studio 

My home yoga studio, warm, inviting,  challenging when you need it. Brings peace to my life.

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  • 1900 South Livernois Road Suite A Rochester Hills, MI 48307
  • 248-601-9642
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